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The Early Years

Maison 548 is one of the original homes in Carlton built in 1890 (although some locals tell us it was probably 1887).  In the early years Carlton was home to large timber farms and mills.  In fact, one such mill was in the valley just north of the property.  It is believed that the home was built to house managers from the mill, and the lumber to construct the house was from the mill. The property was also once "men's boarding home" in it's beginning years, with individual washbasins in each bedroom.

A Family Home
Maison 548 has been in the Anderson family for generations, beginning in 1943 when Mr. and Mrs. Anderson moved in to 548. Relatives remember the pantry room, which was built sometime before 1911, as always being stocked with local, home-canned fruits and vegetables--many from the property. Grape Juice from 548's concords, Willamette tomatoes, blue Lake beans, crabapples, and sweet pickles.

The Juenemann family later became in-laws to the Andersons, and bought the house in 1961 for a mere $3600. Their 6 children enjoyed the pace of the city of Carlton, and the home remained a part of their large family in 2004. 

Today, Maison 548 shines with historic pride and exudes luxurious comforts and cosmopolitan finishes.



Experience refined sophistication at 548 in Carlton, Oregon wine country. This wine country pied-de-terre is rich in history, creating an exquisite retreat for any get-away, providing an authentic, contemporary experience with the coziness of the past. Built from our heart with you in mind. 

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